Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birds & Branches Wall Art

I enjoyed this DIY vinyl wall-decal kit that I came upon at TJ Maxx, but I wasn't sure it would work on the textured walls in my apartment.  
But I liked it, so I bought it anyway.

(This is Todd, the cat. He loves to get in the way.)

When I got home I wondered if this was $5 wasted.  I certainly didn't want to attempt it only to find out that it in-fact did not work on the textured walls, confirming my $5 wasted and tacking on time wasted.
I thought about using a canvas... too expensive. Foam board... too cheap looking. Scrap wood... where in the heck do I get scrap wood? So, I picked up a thin birch (I think) board from Home Depot for somewhere around $3.  They were nice enough to cut it to my liking.  It's still nice & big, but I didn't want a perfect square.

Peel. Stick. Here it is.

I screwed in some loop screws to the back and strung some picture wire to hang. Easy!

The walls are concrete in my very old apartment building, so I used an anchor screw to hang the finished product. However, the wood is very thin and lightweight so it wouldn't take much effort on most other walls.

I completed this about a year and a half ago, and lately I'm considering spray painting the whole thing (over the decals), peeling them off, leaving the negative image of the birds and branches in the natural wood.  

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